Our Treatment Spectrum

In modern dentistry there are many ways to keep your teeth healthy. Health begins in the mouth, and that is why tooth preservation is our highest priority. For a natural, attractive smile.

Our main goal is tooth preservation and that is why it is always in the foreground for us!

Dentistry - modern & high quality

With state-of-the-art dental technology and up-to-date dental knowledge, we provide our patients with high-quality aesthetic dental treatment and care in our dental clinic.

Dental Treatments - innovative, sensible & optimal

Innovative Treatment Concepts, sensible planned treatments and optimal dental care enable us to keep your teeth healthy into old age.

Root Canal Treatment

With modern root canal treatments, even obliterated root canals can often be prepared. The aim is to preserve the patient's own tooth.


More quality of life with new dentures through a natural smile and the ability to bite powerfully again.


Quick remedies for pain in the temporomandibular joint can often be quickly resolved by clarifying the cause.


Untreated periodontitis not only causes loose teeth, but is also a risk factor for heart, diabetis...