Further Training

Education has always been and will continue to be a very important topic in our lives. There are many ways to keep up to date with recognised and evidence-based dentistry these days.


Dental congress

For many years, we have almost always used the one-week continuing education congress of the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Dentists (ZÄK) on the island of Sylt. The Sylt Week is an absolute highlight on the subject of continuing education. Here you get concentrated dental expertise for dentists and also for dental professionals. There are lectures, seminars and team lectures for the entire practice team. In addition, there is an ever-expanding dental exhibition where you can find out about the latest materials, instruments and equipment and also order them straight away. Participation in the congress is always in great demand among dentists and their specialist staff, so that the congress is always booked up quickly. At least 1200 dentists and about 400 dental staff attend every year. No matter where you are on the island outside the training hours, you always meet colleagues here. You quickly get into conversation and especially this exchange of experience among colleagues on many interesting topics is a real enrichment. As a result, this Sylt congress is always a popular knowledge hotspot for us former Hamburgers.

One-day training

Of course, there are also the many one-day training courses, which we enjoy very much. Even back then – before the distribution of points for panel dentists in Germany – further education was a duty for us and not because the Ministry of Health wanted it to be obligatory. That is why it was always totally uncomplicated for us to achieve the required number of continuing education points.

Further training is the most important thing for us. This is the only way we can stay up to date with modern dentistry. A lot of information is already easily accessible via webinars on the internet and, of course, via our memberships such as with the DGZMK and the BZÄK.

Trade journals

Although we have been in Tenerife for many years now, it remains important for us to keep up to date with the current recognised state of knowledge in dentistry. Continuing education is an important topic for us. So we not only continue to receive our monthly professional journals from the DGZMK, BZÄK and the Spanish ZÄK regularly here on Tenerife. We also make intensive use of the internet.

Furthermore, dental forums on the internet have become useful and indispensable for the collegial exchange of experiences, suggestions, ideas, opinions and, of course, questions. Conversations have thus become international and quickly available.

Doctors’ forums

Furthermore, medical forums are also becoming increasingly important. Here, discussions and exchanges take place according to strict scientific guidelines. This accumulated experience does not only concern dental topics, but also extends to all other areas of medicine. Because we also see the dental patient as a whole.

Here, there is a collegial exchange not only of experiences, but also of suggestions, ideas and opinions. Topics on health policy, other important current issues, such as the Corona pandemic or official requirements and administrative and organisational matters are also exchanged with each other here. Conversations have thus become international and very quickly available.


Webinars via the Internet have become the latest variant of active training. These webinars have the great advantage that you only have to be on the internet at the appropriate time. This means that you can take part in the relevant seminar without having to travel anywhere. Thanks to the latest technologies, it is also possible to discuss and exchange ideas with each other.

Anyone who does not take advantage of all this also has no interest in serious further education
and to keep his level of knowledge in recognised dentistry up to date.

Frequently asked questions about our training courses

At the Sylt Week, is that really advanced training?

There are patients who believe that dentists only use Sylt Week as an excuse and prefer to be on the beach. True… There are dentists like that. But…there are really only a few of them and they don’t get a stamp as proof of attendance for their certificate at the end of the week.

If you’re not at the lecture on time at 9 a.m., you have to stand on your feet or watch the lecture via video stream in one of the alternative rooms. The speakers in the lectures are in great demand internationally and usually have very good specialist knowledge that they can successfully convey.

In addition, we don’t have to collect any continuing education credits here on Tenerife. We continue our education because we like to stay up to date with the current recognised state of knowledge in dentistry. And if we want to go on holiday, we can do it much cheaper somewhere else than in combination with the dentists’ congress on Sylt.

Scientifically recognised dentistry - Why is this so important?

In this day and age, the range of training courses on offer is very large. And not everything that is offered corresponds to accepted science. The DGZMK is the association that sets the guidelines for evidence-based dentistry backed up by intensive research and evaluation of studies. Thus, the treatment guidelines are adapted by the DGZMK again and again. These also apply as guidelines for authorities and the Ministry of Health.

Congress Topics - Sylt Week

Here is a small insight into the congress topics of the last few years – Sylt Week

  • 2023 – “All white” – from composite to ceramic – planned
  • 2022 – “Small Cause – Big Effect – Dentistry Meets Medicine!” – booked for May 2022
  • 2020 – Dentistry meets Medicine – cancelled due to Corona Pandemic
  • 2019 – Always stay loose? Periodontitis – a widespread disease
  • 2018 – Sylt Pearls – 60 years of Sylt Week
  • 2017 – Winding Paths – Endodontics from A-Z!
  • 2015 – Dentures – Innovation and tradition
  • 2014 – Beautiful teeth
  • 2013 – Treatment Concepts for Periodontitis and Periimplantitis
  • 2012 – Implants on everyone’s lips?
  • 2011 – You are never too old for teeth
  • 2010 – Teeth, how to preserve, when to replace?
  • 2009 – Everything in function – from diagnostics to therapy

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