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Thorsten Carlsson

Dentist / Odontólogo Col. 899

About me

It is very important to me not to stand still and to always remain open to suggestions and new techniques. It is not without reason that there are sayings such as: “A rolling stone gathers no moss” and “Nothing has to be that way just because it has always been that way”.

Through my many interested years as a dentist, I have gained a lot of valuable professional experience in all areas of dentistry for you. In order to permanently expand and train my knowledge, I consider regular further education, congresses & webinars with various experts in dentistry to be indispensable.

Permanently expand knowledge through valuable professional experience and further training with renowned experts

According to the motto:

Nobody knows everything, but many know more. This way I always stay up to date with the latest dental science for my patients.

In the meantime, renowned medical forums for the exchange of experiences have become just as important. (Dental) medical journals of the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine (DGZMK) and the (Federal) Dental Association are also part of this.

Until 2007, I held honorary positions in Germany at the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZV) Hamburg and Chamber of Dentists (ZÄK) in the areas of patient counselling, performance auditing and in the expert system, among others.

Professional Career


Together with my wife, I set up my own newly founded Dental Clinic on the Canary Island of Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz in 2007.

Dental Clinic in Hamburg City Centre (1992 – 9/2007)

In 1992 I established a new Dental Clinic in the city centre of Hamburg. At that time I was the youngest dentist in private practice in Germany. It was a modern, successful Dental Clinic with two treatment rooms, a prophylaxis room and very many nice patients. At the end of September 2007, it was with a heavy heart that I handed over my patients into the hands of my successor.

Assistant Dentist (1990-1992)

This was followed by the two obligatory years as an assistant dentist for the statutory health insurance licence. In order to gain insight into Dental Clinics with different practices, I changed my position in the second year of my residency.

I spent the first year of my residency in the Hamburg area and the second year in Hamburg. In the second year, I worked in an Expert Dental Clinic, so that I already gained my first insights into expert dentistry here.


Study of Dentistry & Approbation (1984 – 1989)

After successfully completing my studies in dentistry in the standard period of study at the University of Hamburg from 1984 to 1989, I obtained my licence to practise dentistry in 1990.

In addition to my dental licence, I am also trained as a dental technician. This enables me to give dental technicians the most precise working instructions for my “specifications” and (in particularly urgent cases) to carry out dental prosthesis repairs myself in my own small laboratory.

Gutowski – practical course seminars

  • The total prosthesis
  • the combined fixed- removable denture
  • Inlays and partial crowns – Gold and ceramics
  • current status of functional analysis and functional therapy – splint treatment and reconstructive dentistry
  • Quadrant restoration

A small insight into the congress topics of the last years – Sylter Woche

  • 2022 – “Small Cause – Big Effect – Dentistry Meets Medicine!”
  • 2020 – Dentistry meets Medicine – cancelled due to Corona Pandemic
  • 2019 – Always stay loose? Periodontitis – a widespread disease
  • 2018 – Sylt Pearls – 60 years of Sylt Week
  • 2017 – Winding Paths – Endodontics from A-Z!
  • 2015 – Dentures – Innovation and tradition
  • 2014 – Beautiful teeth
  • 2013 – Treatment Concepts for Periodontitis and Periimplantitis
  • 2012 – Implants on everyone’s lips?
  • 2011 – You are never too old for teeth
  • 2010 – Teeth, how to preserve, when to replace?
  • 2009 – Everything in function – from diagnostics to therapy

Dental Clinic furnishings – Modern feel-good ambience

I have “only” one treatment room, so I can give my full attention to each patient. My Dental Clinic CLÍNICA DENTAL BOTÁNICO is technically modern and hygienically equipped to the latest standards.

You can expect the latest instruments and equipment available on the dental market, so that an optimal and gentle treatment can be carried out.

Hygiene in our Dental Clinic

It goes without saying that we comply with the latest EU hygiene requirements.

Treatment – My aim is tooth preservation

In my many years of professional life, I have been particularly concerned with tooth preservation because I believe that one’s own tooth is always the “better” tooth.

My treatment focus is tooth preservation. This includes: Check-ups with scaling, education to prevent and advice on the treatment of dental diseases, high-quality fillings with the greatest possible protection of the tooth substance, root canal treatments, gum treatments, dental prostheses (all types of care from simple inlays – ceramic or gold – to elaborate dental prostheses on implants), normal dental surgery, and also the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

Appointment management – For relaxed treatments

In order to be able to carry out optimal treatments for each patient, we only work after making an appointment by telephone.

Team Presentation

We are an experienced Dental Clinic Team for 25 years, with competence & passion.

Further Training

To stay up to date with the latest knowledge in recognised dentistry, open to suggestions and new techniques.

Manja Carlsson

My job in the Dental Clinic is everything but drilling - from assisting to organising the practice, with everything that goes with it.

Dental Team

With us, you will experience your visit to the dentist with routine work processes in a pleasant treatment atmosphere.

Innovative Treatment Concepts, sensibly planned treatments and optimal dental care.

Take a look at our clinic structure. What we do to make you feel comfortable with us.