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Minimally invasive dental treatment

Substance-friendly treatment for teeth & gums

Minimally invasive is any treatment that is gentle on the remaining tooth substance. No artificial material is as good as your own tooth. Therefore, it is our goal to preserve your tooth substance as much as possible.

The less natural tooth substance is lost, the longer you can enjoy your teeth.

With fine instruments and special dental devices, we can remove minimal amounts of diseased tooth substance in a targeted manner, if necessary. In minimally invasive therapy, magnifying glasses are therefore an absolute must for the finer details.

Minimally invasive therapy is an important part of tooth preservation.

Minimally invasive caries removal

Caries is softened hard dental tissue. Caries must be removed quickly, otherwise the hard tooth tissue will continue to dissolve. The removal of caries can be done very gently with modern instruments.

Particularly in the case of incipient caries, the tooth defects are still quite small. This means that the caries can be removed with delicate instruments without having to unnecessarily remove healthy tooth substance.

The Rondoflex powder jet unit is such a possibility for gentle treatment “without drilling” of caries. By removing the caries without contact, it offers the patient a more pleasant feeling during excavation instead of the unpopular “rumbling drill”.

It is a powerful yet gentle method and offers the best possible protection of healthy tooth structure. When the powder particles hit the area to be worked on, kinetic energy removes diseased tooth substance with pinpoint accuracy. It is used, for example, for minimal preparations, fissure cleaning and the targeted roughening of surfaces.

High-quality filling material

Does that make such a big difference? Yes, because even the filling material plays an important role in minimally invasive dental treatment. In the past, a lot of tooth substance usually had to be removed for a dental filling. The old plastic materials such as amalgam required large undercuts in the cavity so that the dental filling could be applied at all.

Our modern high-quality filling materials consist of up to 80% ceramic and glass particles for the necessary pressure stability. Special adhesive glues connect the ceramic filling and the tooth perfectly, so that undercuts no longer have to be prepared. Due to their special consistency, these so-called fluid filling materials can flow into every groove and into every defect, no matter how small. Their perfect flow behaviour makes the transitions invisible.

In this way, a great deal of tooth substance can be preserved. Large cavities are a thing of the past.


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Root canal treatment as a tooth-preserving measure

What used to be a frequent reason to extract a tooth can be avoided with modern instruments and equipment in endodontology.

In this respect, root canal treatment is also a minimally invasive therapy, because the only alternative would be tooth extraction and subsequent tooth replacement.

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Minimal invasive gum treatment

There is even the possibility of minimally invasive therapy for gum disease. In the past, diseased gums were simply cut off generously. The result was ugly long teeth, the red of the gums was just missing.

With special instruments and devices, the gums can be treated in a way that is gentle on the tissue without opening or cutting them off. This gives the gums the opportunity to regenerate and reattach to the tooth in the existing position.


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With state-of-the-art dental technology and up-to-date dental knowledge, we enable our patients to receive high-quality treatment and care in our dental clinic.

Root Canal Treatment

With modern root canal treatments, even obliterated root canals can often be prepared. The aim is to preserve the patient's own tooth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

A naturally beautiful smile makes you happy. Beautiful teeth are the business card of the face.

Treatment Spectrum

Innovative Treatment Concepts, sensibly planned treatments and optimal dental restorations enable us to keep your teeth healthy into old age.