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Manja Carlsson

Assistance & Dental Clinic Management

In short: I do everything except drilling!

My job in the Dental Clinic is everything except drilling. Assistance, scheduling, hygiene, administration, billing, ordering materials – everything that is part of practice management and organisation. This means that my husband, as the dentist, can focus his full attention on our patients.

Dentistry has its charms. Here I can combine competence with passion. That's why I still feel very connected to my diverse profession.

Through my profession, I then also met my husband in 1996 in his Dental Clinic in Hamburg. We quickly realised that we had much more in common than just dentistry. Working independently with my husband is even more fun.

That’s why, after long and intensive preparation, we realised our dream of setting up our own Dental Clinic on Tenerife. Why Tenerife? My husband’s parents have been spending their winters on the spring island of Tenerife since the early 90s. Accordingly, we were often here, which gave us the idea of relocating, which we then implemented.

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Wochenblatt 2019 SpendenregenAktion

Professional Career

Dental Assistant in the CLINICA DENTAL BOTANICO / Dental Clinic Carlsson – Tenerife (since 2007)

At the end of 2007 we realised our wish to set up our own small Dental Clinic on Tenerife. My husband and I continue to work here hand in hand. From assisting in the treatment room to practice management. In short: “Here I do everything except drilling” 😉

Dental Assistant in Dental Clinic Thorsten Carlsson – Hamburg (1996-2007)

Looking for a small harmonious Dental Clinic in Hamburg … The description of a job advertisement particularly caught my eye. “That’s where I start.” And that’s how I ended up in this small Dental Clinic of my now husband, as we have more in common than just pure dentistry 😉 .

From 1996 to 2000 I worked for him as a chair assistant. The cooperation, working hand in hand, brought and still brings me a lot of fun. It is the calm, concentrated, fast work without having to lose many words / questions. The independent work also brought a lot of familiarity between us.

Dental assistant as first-aider in Group Dental Clinic – Hamburg Bramfeld (1995-1996)

After successfully completing my dental assistant training, I worked in a group dental clinic in Hamburg, which was staffed by three dentists and two dental hygienists. I enjoyed working with my dentist, the oral surgeon Dr. Atzeroth. With him, I gained a lot of experience in dentistry, which I did not have during my training.

I was quickly appointed as his first-aider and was thus responsible for the entire management of his treatment, especially in oral surgery. Furthermore, I supported the reception area in the group practice as needed. In this way, I also gained my first insights and experiences in the Dental Clinic administration and organisational processes.

Although I enjoyed working with my dentist, I soon realised that a group practice with five practitioners working in shifts was not for me in the long run. So we parted ways with a heavy heart, as I feel more comfortable in a small Dental Clinic.

Training as a dental assistant – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Germany (1992-1995)

I trained as a dental assistant in a 3-year dual system with Dental Clinic and vocational school to learn the basics of dentistry for chair assistance and administration. In 1995 I successfully completed my training as a dental assistant (ZFA). Then it was off to Hamburg.

Further education

Further training as dental administrative assistant ZMV – Hamburg (2001-2002)

In 2000 the reception and administration became the main task in my husband’s Dental Clinic. In order to be competent in all areas of Dental Clinic administration, especially practice management, I completed the extra-occupational further training to become a Dental Administrative Assistant (ZMV) in the further training institute of the Hamburg Chamber of Dentists in 2001 – 2002.

The focus of this advanced training is on accounting, practice organisation and practice management, as well as quality management, law and economics. Of course, this also includes the relevant knowledge of IT and communication technology. And last but not least, human resources management, especially training, is also part of it.

With this additional training, I can look after my husband’s Dental Clinic even more intensively.

Intensive training as a prophylaxis assistant – Hamburg (1998)

I completed an intensive training course to become a prophylaxis assistant (ZMP) at the further training institute of the Hamburg Chamber of Dentists. This enabled me to additionally integrate the treatment focus of prophylaxis into our small Dental Clinic.

In addition to the existing children’s dental prophylaxis, we were also able to offer PZR (professional teeth cleaning) for our patients. Since the demand kept growing, we quickly expanded our Dental Clinic in Hamburg by adding a prophylaxis treatment room.

Training, Webinar & Seminars

To always stay up to date…

…I have the great fortune of always being able to browse through my husband’s many professional journals. It is also a great relief nowadays to participate in interesting webinars, no matter where you are in the world.

But the most exciting thing is still the exchange of professional experiences and current topics in the medical forums. This way we can always optimise and perfect our treatments.

That’s how it is when you are married to a dentist. Then closing the practice door is by no means the end of the day.

Because “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” And that would simply be too boring for me.



Congresses are a great professional enrichment for me, as we spend a week intensively dealing with dentistry. And when my courses and lectures are over, you can find me in the dentists’ lecture hall. The subsequent discussions and exchange of experiences are then the icing on the cake of such congress events.

Here is a small insight into the congress topics of the last few years – Sylt Week

  • 2023 – “All white” – from composite to ceramic – planned
  • 2022 – “Small Cause – Big Effect – Dentistry Meets Medicine!” – booked for May 2022
  • 2020 – Dentistry meets Medicine – cancelled due to Corona Pandemic
  • 2019 – Always stay loose? Periodontitis – a widespread disease
  • 2018 – Sylt Pearls – 60 years of Sylt Week
  • 2017 – Winding Paths – Endodontics from A-Z!
  • 2015 – Dentures – Innovation and tradition
  • 2014 – Beautiful teeth
  • 2013 – Treatment Concepts for Periodontitis and Periimplantitis
  • 2012 – Implants on everyone’s lips?
  • 2011 – You are never too old for teeth
  • 2010 – Teeth, how to preserve, when to replace?
  • 2009 – Everything in function – from diagnostics to therapy

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