Digitales Röntgen mit Sensor

Digital X-ray

Less radiation - better quality

Digital radiographs play a very important role in the Dental Clinic. They have become an important and irreplaceable part of dental diagnostics, therapy and planning. Dental diseases are not always visible externally, so an X-ray can provide clarity. Digital X-ray technology offers many advantages.

The easy handling in the treatment room and the quick evaluation of the digital dental films on the PC monitor are ideal for a pleasant, uninterrupted treatment workflow.

The digital X-ray images have a very good image quality and can be passed on to the patient and other practitioners without loss.

Another great advantage is the very low radiation exposure caused by digital X-rays. Only about 10 % of the radiation is necessary in relation to the conventional analogue X-ray devices.

The great advantage of digital X-ray

Digital X-rays …

  • Have only a very low radiation exposure. Here, up to 90 % of the radiation exposure can be saved compared to a conventional analogue X-ray unit.
  • Reproduce high-resolution images that can be better displayed.
  • Evaluation and processing in a short time conveniently on the PC monitor.
  • Length determinations of the teeth or root canals can be carried out on the PC.
  • No chemical image development in the darkroom. This protects the environment.
  • Uncomplicated transfer of your digital images via electronic data transmission. This means less radiation exposure and no loss of X-ray images.
  • Digital archiving of the images for quality assurance (data protection).

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I take my X-ray with me?

Of course. That’s the great advantage of digital X-rays. As soon as we have your email address, we can send you your X-ray digitally.

The X-ray image is encrypted in accordance with the DSGVO. You will receive a password from us. Alternatively, you can also send it directly to the Dental Clinic that is treating you. Just inform the Dental Clinic of the password.

When is an X-ray useful?

The X-ray image helps in diagnostics,
which cannot be detected by external visual inspection:

  • deep caries
  • inflammation at the root
  • Tooth fractures
  • Bone loss in the tooth area (periodontitis)

X-rays are important in planning

  • Planning before extensive rehabilitation
  • Planning before implant placement

Control of the treatment is sometimes necessary

  • Dentures / Prosthetics
  • Implants
  • Root canal treatment

What is digital X-ray?

In the past, an X-ray image was exposed on an X-ray film and developed in the darkroom (like a photograph).

Nowadays there are special imaging plates or sensors. These films are very sensitive. Due to this sensitivity, an enormous amount of radiation exposure can be saved. Only about one tenth of the X-rays are needed as a result.

The foil or sensor is exposed by the X-ray machine. It is then made visible via a digital imaging system. The digital X-ray image is thus immediately displayed on the monitor and stored on the PC.


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