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Dental Technology

Dental Laboratory in Dental Clinic

I have final prosthetic work carried out in an external dental laboratory. This includes inlays, crowns, bridges, dentures and splints.

I have a small practice laboratory integrated in my Dental Clinic. This allows me to quickly make changes and corrections to the dentures.

This means that simple repairs can be made to your dentures if necessary, without wasting time on time-consuming transport journeys. As a rule, you will receive your dentures back within a few hours.

Dental Technology - External Laboratory

In the immediate vicinity is the dental laboratory with which we have been working together intensively and with great pleasure since 2008. This close communication between the dental clinic, dental laboratory and patient enables perfect coordination of the treatment process, from planning to the final result.

The advantages of proximity are a fast, personal and competent exchange of information between technician and dentist. Individual wishes such as tooth colour, tooth shape and tooth position can thus be discussed without much effort. In more complex or tricky cases, the technician is also on site to plan the dental prosthesis for you.

Every dental work is unique in its requirements and aesthetics. This is because every patient has their own wishes and requirements for their dentures. The initial situation is also different every time. This individuality is of great importance for the treatment with dentures.

The materials used in the laboratory are subject to constant control. Naturally, attention is paid to good biological compatibility.


Services at a glance:
CAD/CAM milling technology

  • Crowns, bridges and veneers made of all-ceramics
  • e.max ceramic inlays as an alternative to plastic fillings
  • Total and partial dentures made of plastic
  • Model cast dentures
  • Combined dentures, such as telescopic crowns
  • Splint technique, bite and bleaching repairs
  • Repairs
  • Implant-supported dentures


Only a well-coordinated team of dentist and dental technicians – with professional competence on both sides – can produce functional and aesthetically perfect dentures and guarantee long-term success.