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Hygiene in our Dental Clinic

Our comprehensive hygiene measures
to protect your health

Your health is very important to us and is close to our hearts. That is why we also attach great importance to perfect surgery hygiene. In order to offer you maximum safety and protection in our dental clinic, we carry out more than just the legally required disinfection and sterilisation measures.

In this way, the patient and the dental team are optimally protected by our hygiene reprocessing with a safe and efficient hygiene workflow.

What we do to protect your health
in our Dental Clinic…

Hand disinfection

In our clinic, medically tested and skin-compatible hand disinfection is available in dispensers for our patients. Every patient is obliged to disinfect their hands when entering the clinic.

Fresh Clinic Air

After each patient, during cleaning, disinfection and preparation of the treatment room, the so-called shock ventilation is carried out for fresh air exchange. In the waiting and reception area, permanent ventilation is carried out as far as possible.

Regular surface disinfection in the treatment room

Our disinfectants are VAH-certified. They are bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. After each treatment, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all critical surfaces in the treatment room. This includes, above all, the treatment chair including the sink and the treatment light.

The water-carrying hoses and especially the suction hoses of the treatment unit are also cleaned and disinfected from the inside and outside. The internal cleaning of all hoses is carried out by an automated, integrated hygiene module directly in the treatment chair.

Regular surface disinfection in the Dental Clinic

We also regularly disinfect all door handles, light switches and the floor in the dental clinic, in addition to all other clinic surfaces.

Sterilisation of treatment instruments

All used instruments, drills and attachments are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sterilised immediately after treatment. The computer-controlled autoclave 40B+ from Melag carries out and monitors the sterilisation. All processes are logged and archived accordingly.

For sterilisation, the modern autoclave 
is the most important building block for the hygiene safety of the entire reprocessing process of instruments, drills and attachments.

Regular maintenance

Our modern technical dental equipment for hygiene preparation, such as treatment chair, autoclave, suction system, etc., is serviced regularly. Thanks to modern technology, these devices indicate the next maintenance cycle in good time. Error or warning messages are also displayed and recorded so that they can be rectified immediately.

Quality control of the Autoclave – Sterilisation

Every sterilisation process is digitally documented down to the last detail. For quality control of the sterilisation, in addition to the daily monitoring measures, a check with bio-indicators is carried out at regular intervals in accordance with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute.

Use of disposables

For reasons of hygienic safety, we use many disposable items that are only used for one patient at a time and then disposed of in a hygienically safe manner. These include gloves, rinsing cups, saliva ejectors, patient capes, as well as injection cannulas, traypaper and much more.

Dental Technology / Dental Laboratory

All dental technical work that is sent to or brought from the laboratory is disinfected by us before it is further processed or used in the mouth.

As you can see, we do everything 
we can to offer you maximum hygiene safety. 
This all involves a great deal of cost and time. 
But it is worth it to us, 
because we want you to feel safe with us.

Covid-19 Measures

In order to be on the safe side during the Corona pandemic, we have implemented many other necessary measures in our dental clinic to keep all of us – patients and practice team – healthy. Therefore, we would like to ask you – in the interest of all – to comply with them. What we do for you and what you may do for your visit to our dentist… Please read here

Covid-19 Prevention-Rules

What we do for you and what you may do for your dental visit with us....

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