Data security in our Dental Clinic

Data protection 
is part of medical confidentiality

Data protection is just as important and self-evident for us as medical confidentiality has always been. Everything that has come to our knowledge about patient matters in the dental clinic is, of course, subject to medical confidentiality and may only be disclosed with the written consent of the patient or the guardian (legal representative) in accordance with the declaration of consent.

We have dealt very intensively with the DSGVO of 2018 and have adapted our measures accordingly to the new regulations. Certainly, in our opinion, the DSGVO of 2018 completely overshot the mark, but there were, however, points that made us think again about data security in the dental clinic.

Especially in today’s very fast-paced IT era, attacks on PC data from the internet are becoming more frequent and also more violent. Therefore, it has become even more important for us to protect exactly this part as well as possible. Thus, there were a lot of innovations and changes, because we only wanted to rely on devices and software that also provide exactly these security functions.

Data protection - We have done it all

Latest computers, software, encryption, data backup

We have therefore used the summer of 2018 to change everything in accordance with the DSGVO. We now only work with technically up-to-date Windows 10 Professional PCs, so that all data from our patients on all internal and external hard drives are additionally encrypted. Multiple daily data backups at different locations have also become an absolute matter of course for us. And of course, even these data backups are also stored in extra encrypted form. This means that data can neither be read nor viewed by third parties.

A professional antivirus programme and PC protection programme, as well as programmes for further encryption of the data in the already encrypted business cloud are also part of this. The same applies if we should ever send you your digital X-ray image etc. by e-mail. These are completely encrypted and can only be decrypted again with the secure password (which only you have received from us).

Even the companies that may have access to our practice computer for necessary support have always had to sign a confidentiality agreement beforehand, or now the current DSGVO declaration.

Access to our secure data in the business cloud is also protected by qualitatively security-approved authentication apps, including notification as soon as an activity has been carried out. This means that no one can attempt to access our data undetected.

As you can see, we have spared neither effort nor expense to adapt to the new DSGVO. This means that in the event of an emergency, not only is all your data unreadable by third parties, but all data should also be able to be reconstructed without loss. Just as the DSGVO stipulates.

Data protection & your health data

Data backup and data encryption – we think – is a particularly important and sensible part of the GDPR.

Many Dental Clinics have simply joined a consulting company and sometimes signed a very expensive contract. However, these security companies often do not change much. Buying a “clear” conscience with an expensive signature is not our thing. Anyone who processes their data digitally should also be able to protect it adequately. We take this responsibility very seriously! Even if other practice owners or data protection officers may be more lax.

We have not only dealt intensively with the possibilities of data protection, but have also implemented them in our small Dental Clinic. This gives us a good feeling of always having your health data safe and well encrypted.

Last but not least: For this reason, there will never be WhatsApp in our Dental Clinic. This company belongs to Facebook and your data is not safe there at all. That is one of the reasons why this whole DSGVO debate came into being in the first place.

In your own interest, more and more companies are interested in getting hold of your health data in order to make money from it. But we’re not going along with that. For your own safety.

We think that data protection and especially data encryption is a very important and sensible part of the GDPR. Especially in the health sector.

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