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Beautiful teeth & a natural smile

Having beautiful teeth is a clear wish that all patients have for us. Teeth are the business card of the face. They have a great influence on our appearance. Aesthetic teeth contribute to more self-confidence. An attractive appearance gives a great feeling of being alive. Well-being and satisfaction develop from this.

But the meaning of “beautiful teeth” is defined differently by each patient. Each of us is individual and has his or her own ideas about beautiful teeth. Some people are bothered by a slightly twisted front tooth and want straight teeth. Other patients, on the other hand, do not want to have completely correct teeth when having new teeth made.  The colour of the teeth also plays a large and important role for the patient. These are all important points that we include in the aesthetic planning.

  • Aesthetic fillings
    • Filling after caries treatment
    • Broken incisor
  • Tooth reshaping / Tooth correction
    • Closing of an anterior tooth gap
    • Reconstruction after abrasion due to teeth grinding
  • Tooth whitening
  • Tooth prosthesis / -technique

As you can see – wishes and ideas are very individual when it comes to aesthetics.

Dental aesthetics – harmony of red & white

An important prerequisite for successful aesthetic therapy lies above all in the harmony between red and white dental aesthetics. White teeth surrounded by healthy pink gums have a very harmonious effect, especially when laughing. Quite involuntarily, the sympathy increases.

Because it is obvious: If the gums have receded considerably, unnaturally unattractive long teeth are visible when speaking and laughing. But there are possibilities for aesthetic correction. These are manifold and depend on the respective therapy.

Neben den entwicklungsbedingten Ursachen für schiefe Zähne bei Kindern gibt es auch typische Gründe, die speziell auf Erwachsene zutreffen.
Neben den entwicklungsbedingten Ursachen für schiefe Zähne bei Kindern gibt es auch typische Gründe, die speziell auf Erwachsene zutreffen.

Modern composite fillings

Perfect aesthetics with high stability and better durability

Modern tooth-coloured filling materials are high-tech composites. They consist of approx. 80 % tiny ceramic, glass or quartz particles and approx. 20 % special high-quality plastic. In addition to high-quality aesthetics, they also offer the necessary stability and durability.

With a specially developed adhesive, the material is applied to the tooth both physically and chemically. Especially in the anterior region, we can achieve perfect aesthetics with the different colours and opacities. We can also correct the tooth shape or position with this technique. These high-quality modern composites, due to their composition and the nature of the filling particles, withstand the pressure and tensile forces acting on them, even under high mechanical stress, even in the posterior region.

Aesthetic fillings are associated with a high level of effort. Special instruments and aids, materials in different colours, transparencies and also in different consistencies are necessary for this. Also, well-founded know-how, as well as experience and a corresponding amount of time are required for this.

The defect on the tooth is rebuilt and modelled in several layers. After polishing, the filling can no longer be distinguished from the patient’s own tooth. Due to the especially fine particles in the material, the tooth gets a very natural shine after polishing.

This can also be used to reshape the tooth or visually correct the position of the tooth.

Team – Dentist & Dental Technician


Perfect dentures develop from an interplay of form and function.

This is more than just finding the right colour: the shape, the texture, the function, taking into account the initial situation, the material used in each case, the exact determination of the space available, the technique and above all the attention to detail all play an important role.

For us, the interplay of all these points results in “aesthetics in dental prosthesis treatment”.

The aim of dental prostheses is that artificial teeth are not recognised as such. The new teeth must match the overall appearance of the patient. Above all, the colour must match the patient’s own neighbouring teeth. In the case of more extensive work, we attach great importance to the teeth harmonising with the course of the lips, the smile line and the shape of the face.

The prerequisite for aesthetically perfect results is not only specialised knowledge and sound know-how on the part of the dentist and dental technician. But even more important is a close, trusting cooperation with the most precise coordination of all necessary treatment steps, because every restoration is individual.

In the case of larger, more extensive new dental restorations, appropriate intermediate steps are necessary. In these steps, the fit, tooth shape and colour, set-up, …. can be checked and adjusted if necessary. For you as a patient, this means that you can also see how your dentures are specially made according to your wishes and ideas.

Teeth whitening

Plaque and discolouration on the teeth can be removed relatively easily and quickly. During professional tooth cleaning (PZR), the surface of the teeth is blasted with a powder-water mixture using the Air-Flow device and thus cleaned. With the removal of the discolouration, the original tooth colour usually appears visually brighter again.

If the tooth colour is very dark, it can be further lightened with the help of tooth whitening. In our dental clinic we offer home bleaching. After a few nights of wearing the tray, the success will already be visible.

Individual teeth can sometimes be darker. This is caused by dead teeth due to an accident or root canal treatment. Such teeth can also be whitened individually with the help of a bleaching inlay in the tooth.


With state-of-the-art dental technology and up-to-date dental knowledge, we enable our patients to receive high-quality treatment and care in our Dental Clinic to keep their teeth healthy into old age.

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